Founded in 2018, Lolabo Pictures represents the collaborative effort between colleagues Tim Biemman and John Cormier to produce high concept and quality films featuring character-driven and genre-bending narratives, while celebrating the integral relationship between art and entertainment.



Tim studied film production at the Toronto Film School, where his student film, “District of Colombia”, was nominated at the school’s film festival for best cinematography. Following graduation, Tim found work as a Production Assistant within the Toronto film industry. He got to watch and learn from some of the industry’s top dogs, including his idol, Guillermo del Toro. Tim’s work on the Academy Award-winning “The Shape of Water” eventually led to steady work as a Set Dresser within the ranks of some of the industry’s most notable art departments. However, his passion to be a Director was burning hotter and hotter every day. So, in 2016 Tim and a colleague, John Cormier, formed a company of their own; a motion picture production company aimed at producing high concept and top quality films.

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John studied Drama and Performance at the University of Waterloo, which culminated in 2008 by a collaborative writing, directing, and performing thesis project, titled 101 - a site-specific play and performance set in a bar. Besides acting, John’s studies also included dramaturgy, theatre criticism, stage management and lighting design. Since then, John has spent the better part of nine years honing his skills as an actor and broadening his skills as an artistic collaborator. In addition to performing with various theatre companies and independent filmmakers in Southern Ontario, John uses his skills in research, communication, management, and networking to fuel his passion and role of Producer and looks forward to developing future projects with Lolabo Pictures.