Dead Waiting

The zombie apocalypse has happened. One man, locked in an empty apartment building, lives out his days feeding off of the abandoned goods left behind. But how long can it last? As time ticks away the man must prepare for the inevitable day when he has leave.

Bred for War

A feverish battle lingers just outside. With the aid of her guardian Jessa remains hidden, protected from the looming threat. But how safe is she? Jessa's reality is challenged as her fears rise and her doubts about her humanity wage an even darker war inside her.

Catch & Release

A homeless man is graciously blessed by the unwarranted attention from mysterious benefactor. But while each handout warms his heart and fills his belly, these apparent gifts of goodwill begin to lead him down a path of suspicion and paranoia.

Good Ol’ Times

On the painful anniversary of his wife’s death, Bo, an aging widower, loses his job and finds himself in a fateful struggle against the nostalgia of better times when he and his wife, Loretta, lived and fought together as members of the once notorious “Green League”.